Fire Risk Assessment undertaken by a professional, third party approved assessor

A fire risk assessment is the first step to try and avert this

In the event of a visit by an enforcement Officer from your local office of the Scottish Fire & Rescue Service for the purposes of carrying out a Fire safety audit on the premises, one of the principal areas the Officer will be scrutinising while undertaking an audit will be the premises Fire Risk Assessment report.


The requirement to undertake a Fire Risk assessment is contained within Part 3 of The Fire (Scotland) Act 2005. section 53 & 54.


A Fire Safety Risk Assessment is required to be underaken by anyone who has control, to any extent, of the premises and will be required to take steps to mitigate the detrimental effects of fire on the premises. This requirement will however be limited to what is neccessary, reasonable and practical in the circumstances and reflect the level of control each occupier has in relation to the premises.


Anyone undertaking a fire risk assessment must be competent this is generally defined as someone having the neccesary, training, knowledge and experience to undertake the task. Firehouse (Scotland) has experienced long time serving 'x' fire safety officers who have undertaken courses in risk assessments, and have significant experience in both auditing and compiling Fire Risk Assessments.

Clients can expect a fast, efficient service by competent personel.


A fire Risk Assessment will entail an organised visit and meeting with a responsible member of staff, normally a Manager, Supervisor or in the case of HMO property the Landlord, always allow at least 2.5 hours asside for this. Following a full inspection, a Fire Risk Assessment report is drawn up which will include photos to support significant findings accompanied by a brief excerpt of supporting digest of legislation, more importantly the relevant significant findings outlining deficiencies in the report come with a directed prioritised timescale for remedial action. Clients will also receive a free sample log book.


Firehouse (Scotland) is Scottish Centrally based to provide fire safety services within easy reach of Glasgow, Edinburgh, Perth and Dundee although we can and have dealt with fire risk assessments and training requests from clients located in Aberdeen, the Highlands and Scottish Borders.


Should you require a Fire Risk assessment to be undertaken you may use our contact form or phoning us directly on 07772610799.




Our Fire Warden/Marshal course has acheived approved course status by the International Institute of Risk Management (IIRSM) and Mr Ticehurst our trainer has also been granted approved trainer status.


Mr. C Ticehurst (MIFireE) of Firehouse (Scotland) who holds a Members grade with the Institution of Fire Engineers is included (2017) within the IFE registration scheme of approved Fire Risk Assessors (life safety stream)


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Firehouse (Scotland) Mission Statement


We endeavour to provide all our clients a quick, efficient and comprehensive service delivered professionally in all the fire risk assessment and fire training services we provide.


Operating Areas:

By virtue of its geographical location within the Central belt, Firehouse (Scotland) is within easy reach of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth and Dundee although we have carried out contracts in Aberdeen, Inverness, Lewis and the Borders.


Care Home Sector Specific Guide Revised Feb 2014


 The guidance is issued by Scottish Ministers in terms of section 61(2) of the Fire (Scotland) Act 2005. It supersedes the February 2008 version of the guidance and takes account of the results of a public consultation on the content. There are a substantial number of editorial changes in this revision aimed at improving dutyholders' understanding of the guidance.


Action Plans

As from March 2013 Fire Safety Enforcement Officers in Scotland will likely require/ask for a written action plan based on the significant findings outlined in any fire risk assessement, this will form the platform for subsequent visits by Scottish Fire & Rescue Service Community Safety Officers to check progress on the resolution of significant findings highlighted in previous fire risk assessments.