Fire Extinguisher Training and Survey delivered by an approved professional trainer

Extinguisher survey in progress

All premises in Scotland other than domestic premises are required by law to consider providing fire extinguishers where necessary and training in the use of extinguishers.


 A) Firehouse (Scotland) can undertake fire extinguisher training with hands on use of extinguishers onto a live fire were the site permits


 B) Firehouse (Scotland) can carry out an audit of portable fire fighting equipment provided within the workplace and would be able to advise if the right equipment and level of provison is suitable and sufficent to meet the Regulations and the latest British Standard Revision. Any decrease in media provision will potentially save money on uneccessary purchase and rolling annual maintainence costs.



The Fire Safety (Scotland) Regulations 2006, Part III Fire safety Regulation - 12 states:


(1) Where necessary (whether due to the features of the relevant premises, the activity carried on there, any hazard present or any other relevant circumstances) in order to ensure the safety of relevant persons in respect of harm caused by fire, a person with duties under section 53 or 54 must ensure that:-


(a) the relevant premises are, to the extent that is appropriate, equipped with appropriate means for fighting fire and means for giving warning in the event of fire; and


(b) any non automatic fire fighting equipment so provided is easily accessible, simple to use and indicated by signs.


(2) For the purposes of paragraph (1), what is appropriate is to be determined having regard to the dimensions and use of the relevant premises, the equipment contained in the relevant premises, the physical and chemical properties of the substance likely to be present and the maximum number of persons who may be present at any one time.


(3) The person with duties under section 53 or 54 must, where neccessary-

(a) take measures for fighting fires in the relevant premises, adapted to the nature of the activities carried on there and the size of the undertaking and of the relevant premises concerned.;

(b) nominate competent persons to implement those measures and ensure that the number of such persons, their training and equipment available to them are adequate, taking into account the size of,  and the specific hazards involved in, the relevant premises concerned; and

(c) arrange any neccessary contacts with external emergency services, particularly as regards fire-fighting and rescue work.


The recent revision of BS 5839 :Part 8 2012 will impact on the provision of Dry Powder extinguishers and potentialy the resiting of class 'B' rated extinguishers relative to the risk.


The Local Authority Fire safety inspecting officer will expect to see fully serviced fire fighting equipment installed within the workplace even if the company strategy dictates that no fire fighting should take place by staff.

Firehouse (Scotland) primarily specialise in training however any client requests relating to the supply and installation of portable fire fighting equipment can be dealt with through our professioanl network partners.


Firehouse (Scotland) have delivered it's fire safety services to various parts Scotland, it is Centrally located within easy reach of Glasgow, Edinburgh, Perth and Dundee, our core services consist of fire risk assessments, general fire awareness training, extinguisher surveys and fire extinguisher training


Any persons interested in our services should either use our contact page or by calling 07772610799


Our Fire Warden/Marshal course has acheived approved course status by the International Institute of Risk Management (IIRSM) and Mr Ticehurst our trainer has also been granted approved trainer status.


Mr. C Ticehurst (MIFireE) of Firehouse (Scotland) who holds a Members grade with the Institution of Fire Engineers is included (2017) within the IFE registration scheme of approved Fire Risk Assessors (life safety stream)


Next Fire Warden/Marshal Course


At clients premises by request - for goups of 3 or more



Courses held at our regional training centre in Grangemouth


By request - for groups of 3 or more


Firehouse (Scotland) Mission Statement


We endeavour to provide all our clients a quick, efficient and comprehensive service delivered professionally in all the fire risk assessment and fire training services we provide.


Operating Areas:

By virtue of its geographical location within the Central belt, Firehouse (Scotland) is within easy reach of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth and Dundee although we have carried out contracts in Aberdeen, Inverness, Lewis and the Borders.


Care Home Sector Specific Guide Revised Feb 2014


 The guidance is issued by Scottish Ministers in terms of section 61(2) of the Fire (Scotland) Act 2005. It supersedes the February 2008 version of the guidance and takes account of the results of a public consultation on the content. There are a substantial number of editorial changes in this revision aimed at improving dutyholders' understanding of the guidance.


Action Plans

As from March 2013 Fire Safety Enforcement Officers in Scotland will likely require/ask for a written action plan based on the significant findings outlined in any fire risk assessement, this will form the platform for subsequent visits by Scottish Fire & Rescue Service Community Safety Officers to check progress on the resolution of significant findings highlighted in previous fire risk assessments.